About Us

Enkay Textile Inc. which is one of the leading textile companies in Turkey is founded in 1980 by Bekir and Hasan Özaçık. The company headquarter is being located in Merter-İstanbul, with its new corporate building opened in 2004. The company is specialised in business to business profile textiles, providing high profile qualified textile products to the industry, performing in fabric business both in national and international markets.Main activities of the company include marketing of the fabrics both produced by Ziteks Textile and most of the reputable manufacturers of Turkey.
With our warehouse distribution system we are presently exporting and importing on a global scale. On our premises we store and process our inventory to ship to customers around the globe. our commitment to excellence and innovation has been a major factor in the company's growth since it started 1980. Our biggest asset is the satisfaction of our customers.