Ziteks Textile

Ziteks Textile Inc. is founded in 1997 in order to produce high profile fabrics for the global textile market, following the trends in fashion, catching up the turnovers in the articles demanded by the final clients. The factory is located in Zile-tokat in where textile has been a major business since ancient times and well-known for the fabrics associated and well-known for the fabrics associated with city name, "Zile fabric". The manufacturing plant occupies an area totalling 48.000 squarefeet and employs around 250 people, there are 40 picanolgamma looms for the production of fabrics in various blends and the daily fabric production capacity is 10.000 meters.
Adaptation and improvement of the current articles in market trends and product development have been the major deals in productionof Ziteks, we always develop our quality by searching new technology for enhancing our production to be able to satisfy customer demands effectively.